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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please check the FAQ list below for answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

What is Cruise Seminars?

 Cruise Seminars is an Australian owned and operated company (ABN 95 617 210 456), specialising in hosting educational conferences, seminars and courses while you cruise to beautiful destinations. Our events are specifically tailored for people from industries requiring continuing professional development plus courses for your personal enrichment and knowledge.

Am I required to book the cruise through our cruise partners?

When registering for one of our events, you must also book the relevant cruise through our cruise booking partners. They can also book your flights, travel insurance and accommodation if required.


Do I need a passport or visa?

For international cruises (to destinations outside of Australia including the Pacific Islands and New Zealand): All guests must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the last date of the cruise.

For domestic cruises and cruises to nowhere: Australian residents must provide Government issued photo ID or a Passport. Children must also have a Government issued ID or Passport. A current Australian Medicare card can also be used for passengers under the age of 18. Please ensure that you bring this form of ID to check-in on the day of your cruise. International guests on a domestic cruise must have a passport that is valid for 6 months after the date of the cruise return.

Visas are usually not required for Australian Citizens on cruises to the South Pacific and New Zealand however you are advised to check the current Visa requirements of the countries you intend to visit, prior to booking your cruise.


Can I bring my partner/family/friends?

Yes! Your family and friends are welcome to book the cruise with you. Passengers in your booking who are not attending the Cruise Seminars event only need to pay the cruise fare component.


What benefits to you provide?

Not only do we provide enjoyable and informative events during your cruise, every guest will receive a handy tote bag, a lanyard for your cruise card, a notepad and a pen.


What should I pack?

Please refer to our Cruise Packing Guide on ideas, hints and tips on what to pack and what not to pack! You may also like to read our Cruising Guide for general information on currency, shore excursions and gratuities.


Do I need to attend all presentations?

We are confident that you’ll enjoy the engaging and informative sessions that are presented during your seminar. For Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events, your certificate will reflect the number of hours you have attended the event during the cruise. For courses that result in an Australian Qualification, you will be required to attend every session and complete all of the competencies required in the syllabus.


What qualifications are held by our presenters?

We hand-pick our presenters to ensure we offer suitably qualified and well-respected professionals from each industry. Our educators includes university academics, industry experts and vocational trainers. A presenter bio is included on each event page that outlines their qualifications and experience.


How do I book the cruise and my conference seat?

To register for an event and to make a cruise booking request, click on the “Booking Request” button on the event page and enter your details on the form. A consultant from our cruise booking partners will contact you to complete the booking process and to accept your cruise deposit. You will then receive a separate invoice from Cruise Seminars for the course component.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! If you decide to cancel your registration prior to a Cruise Seminars event, we will refund your course fees paid to us. The cruise line and our cruise booking partners may impose cancellation fees and penalties. Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions for additional details.


Do I need travel insurance?

Every passenger in your booking is advised to take out travel insurance at the time of booking. Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all cruises, including Australian coastal cruises and cruises to nowhere. You should refer to the relevant insurer’s Policy Discloser Statement to ensure your travel insurance needs are met. Our cruise booking partners can assist with your travel insurance requirements.


Can I book as a solo traveller?

We encourage guests who are considering travelling solo to join us for our events. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other people in our group and a cruise is a great way to make new friends. If you are travelling by yourself, you will be required to book a stateroom as sole occupancy. We do not offer a service to share a cabin with other solo guests. Cruise lines generally impose a surcharge to occupy the stateroom on your own.


Will I get seasick?

Cruise ships have sophisticated systems in place to reduce the motion whilst at sea and are fitted with advanced stabiliser systems. Prevention is often the best course of action if you feel you may become seasick. There are a number of medications and other treatments you can purchase at pharmacies to bring on the cruise. The ship also has a Medical Centre if you feel further treatment is necessary (charges apply).


Are the courses tax deductible?

We cannot give you any taxation advice as we are not qualified to do so. We recommend that you consult with a qualified taxation professional regarding this matter prior to booking a Cruise Seminars event. Two invoices will be issued, one from our cruise booking partners and one from Cruise Seminars for the course fee.


Are certificates issued?

Yes. A certificate will be provided to guests who have attended our events. The number of hours you have attended will be reflected on their certificate.


I have another question!

We’re here to help. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. For information on our events, please email us using the Contact form.